23 August 2012

Platform Shoes at BACHICK on etsy

I am totally taken with these platform oxfords and creepers. something must be wrong with me.

These are all handmade in Uruguay by Mayra using leather and mostly natural materials.
her shop BACHICK on etsy
(she does have quite a few styles without the exaggerated platform)

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Paul Tieman said...

I am one of the very few men who like to wear more colorful, original and creative clothing, so I asked Mayra to make a pair of 4"/10 cm platform shoes for me. I can assure that they do not only look fantastic, but fit also amazingly well! Especially because the platforms are so high. That is a lot more difficult than flat soles. But after some minutes to get used to the height, I don't notice it at all that I am wearing such high platforms!

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